Request #7: Cake Doughnuts

Oh yes, my friends. I (and apparently more than a few readers, too) have been waiting a long time for this. Those of you who’ve followed this blog for a while know my weakness for that fried, torus-shaped device known as the doughnut. Even more than that, the somewhat dense, chemically-leavened, fried, torus-shaped device known as the cake doughnut. There was a time, oh my brothers and sisters, when I made and sold the most perfect, crunchy yet mouth-meltingly tender and delicious cake doughnuts on the planet Earth (don’t take my word for it…I have witnesses!). And this week I’m going to share the recipes and techniques that will allow you to replicate these now-extinct taste treats in your very own home. Excited? Well heck, I am. Let’s get to it!

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