Request #12: Spoon Bread

Unless I start rambling on incessantly (which, you know, I can do), this should be a pretty brief topic. For spoon bread is a very basic thing, a sort of corn soufflé, except that it’s made by hillbillies. I should amend that: Appalachians. Spoon bread has its roots in Indian — scratch that: Native American — corn porridges, though it owes just as much to the limey British pudding tradition. To this day, spoon bread isn’t terribly well-known outside hill country, and/or the Midwest. I was a teenager when I encountered spoon bread for the first time at a supper club in Wisconsin, though I didn’t know it was spoon bread at the time, since they called it something else. “Corn pudding” I believe. Dang cheese heads.


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