NRA Show Day 1

I admit that compared to past restaurant shows I’ve been to, this year isn’t a barn-burner, but there’s still more than enough good stuff to make it worth the trip. Given the topic of the past week — doughnuts and frying — I was particularly interested to see this new piece of gear:

The new ventless deep fryer from Perfect Fry. Having done an awful lot of frying in my lifetime, I have to say this thing looked great. Nice and compact, it fries just about anything in just a few liters of oil, but more than that contains its own air filter. Which means not only is it small, it’s practically odorless. A bakery or restaurant can have one without going to the trouble and expense of installing a big ventilation and fire suppression system. Amazing. Can it handle the workload of a big, open kettle job? No. But for, say, a bakery that wanted to add doughnuts or fritters to its daily product run, this thing would be a godsend.

Next, some of the new baking molds from Nordic Ware, which of course I’m always a sucker for:

I’m going to be ordering that pan with the little shells (on the far left there) as soon as I get home. Also probably that one on the far right on the top row. It’s a caterpillar cake mold, if you can believe it. Pure genius. More testimony as to why the good folks at Nordic Ware are the kings of creative cake forms. Oh, that stadium one on the right there has my name on it, too (can you just bag them all up for me, sir?).

Lastly, while I’m always a bit skeptical of new gadgets and vessels for the home (or bakery), I was mightily impressed by these measure/pour bowls by a company called POURfect:

They’re spill-proof, break-proof and allow you to measure and mix in the bowl. Then when all’s said and done you can just pour the whole works out (a little dimple just under the spout ensures you’re locked onto whatever you’re pouring into). Add in the ergonomic handle design and I’m sold. My heavy pyrex may not be long for this world.

More later, as I’m headed back in on the train even now!

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