My Fruitcake Hero

Jennifer over at Pastry Methods and Techniques (link to the right) writes:

My husband just began his fruitcake baking extravaganza on Sunday–the first two loaves are aging in the closet, getting sprayed with brandy every few days. He’ll bake anywhere between 2-6 for the next several weekends and give them out as Christmas gifts. He bases his fruitcake on Alton Brown’s “free range fruit cake” recipe, and it is truly excellent. He made individual mini loaves that we had for breakfast on Monday–they were good, but they will be Fantastic after they age–they seem to get more and more moist (and boozy), and there is no way that can be a bad thing! We like ours heated with thick slabs of cream cheese spread on top. Yum:)

Now there’s a man who’s dedicated to the cause of fruitcake, friends. Jennifer’s husband, whoever you are, I salute you. For all who are searching for a recipe, I also offer my own — ehem — recipe under the Pastry menu to the right.

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