My favorite thing to do with focaccia.

Make it into a sandwich. It’s not traditional, but what the hey, America is a nation that’s based on the principle of re-invention. I’m by no means the first one to think of this, but where is it written that a food has to be original to be delicious?

Using focaccia for sandwiches just makes too much sense. It’s a nice, light substrate that can bring any number of extra flavors to the sandwich party. Plus it’s easy to bite and chew. Too often well-meaning sandwich makers attempt to “dress up” a sandwich by using a crusty bread — like a baguette — as a container. The result is usually disastrous, forcing the eater to bite down with the jaw pressure of a crocodile, or to clench his teeth and pull until until a bite-sized chunk rips off (pelting his date with pieces of lunch meat and condiments in the process).

Nope, for my money, cold sliced roast beef doesn’t get any better than when it’s tucked inside a split piece of rosemary focaccia (along with some roasted red peppers and horseradish mayonnaise, of course). And now if you’ll excuse me, it’s past my lunch time.

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