Mrs. Pastry Goes to Mexico

The little woman (the very little woman…she’s 4′ 11″ and maybe 95 pounds in hiking boots), just returned from a trip down south of the border. She was ostensibly there to conduct scholarly research, but her real purpose — being a Pastry — was to eat. She succeeded. Below are pictures of just a few of the sweets she encountered. Next time I’m going and leaving her home with the kids!

First up, a classic: churros, basically Spanish and/or Latin American doughnuts made out of a potato dough. I’ve eaten them at this place and they’re excellent.

I’m less certain what these shiny little treats are or what they taste like, but there’s no question that had I been there, I would have found out.

This is something truly bizarre. Towering cakes with stalactites of what appears to be meringue dripping off of them. Weird.

Lastly a cup of hot chocolate from the wife’s favorite Mexico City café. It was too big for her to finish (which means, friends, that it was very, very big).

What can I say about being made to miss all this, except that there will be retribution.

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