Meet Warren Brown

My post about Warren Brown and the Food Network from last week attracted the attention of some publicists for the Maryland Home & Garden Show, where it seems Mr. Brown will be appearing this coming Saturday. Amazing, this blogging medium, isn’t it? You do it in your living room, but you never know who might actually read it. It could be someone two blocks away, it could be a reader in Argentina, it could be the very celebrity you happen to mention. I corresponded with a blogger a while back who told me he’d once written something nasty about Gary Coleman, and it got back to him. What you talkin’ ’bout jerkwad? He felt terrible about it. Which only goes to show there’s no such thing as action without consequence, especially in a public forum, even when you don’t think anyone’s paying attention.

For those of you who’d like to meet Warren Brown this week, and live around Baltimore and/or the Washington D.C. area, he’ll be appearing Saturday at 1:00 pm at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium. Tell him some nobody in Kentucky said hello!

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