It’s State Fair time again!

It’s the one week out of the year when I eat corn dogs. There’s one particular vendor at the Kentucky State Fair that does them just right. Painted on all sides with a thin coat of yellow mustard, they are a wonder. My first year in Kentucky (now six years ago) I actually paid a full fair entrance fee just so I could run in and get another corn dog. All in all it cost me sixteen bucks, but when ya gotta have a good corn dog, you just gotta have one.

This year was a great time, as always. The little Pastries were amazed by the animals as always, especially the dairy cows. Some breeds are simply huge. The Border Collie herding demonstrations are always a hit, as are the rooster crowing contests. Unfortunately they didn’t have any pig racing this time, and that was a disappointment. What is it about watching half a dozen small pigs chase around a little track after an Oreo cookie that’s so blasted entertaining? I can’t say I know, but all of us, from the toddler on up, cheer wildly at the sight.

One unexpected bonus this year occurred in the livestock pens. The missus happened to spot a cheesecloth bag hanging off a pipe wheel in a corner. Turned out it there was cheese in it.

Next time we came back the bag was gone. Fortunately, I spotted the farmer who owned it a few yards away. Turns out the cheese had been hanging for two days and she was just then unwrapping it. It looked like goat cheese, but tasted quite a bit stronger. Of course it wasn’t salted or seasoned yet. Still, I’d have loved to make a fig tart or something out of it.

Oh, and this is a rabbit, by the way:

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