I stand corrected.

Reader Aaron writes:

Quick thought about the tempering of chocolate. As you note, refrigeration messes with proper crystallization. However, as crystallization is exothermic, for molded chocolates (especially with poly-carb molds), it helps to pop the chocolates into the fridge about halfway through the cooling process in order to draw out some of the heat. As the formerly abused stagiere of a Chocolatier, I can vouch for the tip having learned the lesson the hard way.

Great tip, Aaron! Thanks! Your comment about the way in which substances give off heat as they crystallize reminded me, funny enough, of the Hoover Dam. It’s said that the 4+ million cubic yards of concrete that the dam contains are still hardening, and that to this day the dam is still giving off heat. Call me crazy, it’s just how my mind works.

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