How to Make Macaroons

Toasted coconut is one of pastrydom’s most beautiful sights, I think. These shaggy cookies resemble French macarons only in name, however they are a true pedestrian delight, at least if you like coconut. I think they deserve the royal treatment. Start by tossing your sweetened and unsweetened coconut together with the salt.

Next — and this is an important step — stir your can of cream of coconut. Some of the coconut oil always congeals on top.

Combine all your liquid ingredients together in a medium bowl…

…and give them a good whisk.

Add to the coconut mixture…

…and toss to combine.

Lay heaping tablespoons down on parchment-lined sheet pans (you’ll have about 45).

Then with moistened fingertips, go back and form the heaps into rounded mounds.

Bake on high racks at 375 for seven minutes, rotate the pans back to front and top to bottom, and bake seven minutes more, or until the coconut is nicely browned.

If you want to gild the lily a bit, you can dip the flat bottoms of the macarons in a little melted semisweet chocolate, and cool them on parchment. Yow, that’s good.

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    am i blind? or is there not a list of ingredients for these? hope I get a reply thanks in advance

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