Horsing around.

As far as Louisvillians are concerned, only those who live under rocks don’t know that it’s Kentucky Derby week this week. I’m not willing to go quite that far, myself, not being from here originally (I frequently failed to notice the Derby, many of those years while living in a high-rise). However I will issue a warning that I might not be as prolific as usual this week, there being so many social events to attend and so many juleps to drink (there probably isn’t a sprig of unclaimed mint for hundreds of miles around here). Tomorrow I’ll take my annual trip, along with the rest of the Pastry family, to Churchill Downs to do my annual assessment of the competitors. I’ll put up my picks and you can take them for what they’re worth (my record of choosing winners is 0-4…in fact I think my pick from last year still has yet to cross the finish line). Stay tuned race fans!

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