Hittin’ the sauce.

I should mention here that to my understanding tomato sauces aren’t usually paired with fresh egg pastas. It’s considered something of a no-no in Italian food circles. In my own defense, this isn’t so much a tomato sauce as it is a meat sugo with a little tomato added. Judges?

I made this pasta using a combination of a pasta machine and simple cutting techniques. I’m not a big fan of the cutting dies that come with pasta machines, you see. I don’t use them correctly I’m sure, but most of the time my spaghetti comes out sticky and stringy instead of long and delicate. I’m probably not using enough flour, but the dies have failed me enough times that I long ago quit trying.

So…making skinny pasta. Start by rolling your dough through the machine, draping it over your hand this way as the piece gets longer:

You want to stop rolling at a setting of 5. Next just take your dough sheet and apply plenty of pasta flour. Plenty.

Then all you do is fold the dough sheet over on itself two or three times and begin slicing it thinly.

Here you can see I sliced mine a little too thick. I was aiming for something along the lines of spaghetti but ended up with something on the order of linguine instead. Eh, what are you gonna do…

Then all you do is pick up the individual slices and they should fall apart into strings. Assuming you used enough flour. Did I mention you should use plenty? You should. Plenty.


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