“Green” blogging

It’s my new environmentally-friendly term for recycling content that’s been on the blog before. Like it? I knew you would!

What does it have to do with the here and now? you may ask. What it has to do with, frankly, is that I’m getting into a new work situation, one that’s going to make blogging in general a challenge, and all but impossible this week in particular. So, I’m going to resuscitate a topic form long ago, a topic that I still have pictures for (albeit not as good as the ones we’ve all become used to), and that are particularly apt for this week.

What do they pertain to? Why, pasta. Pasta! That’s not pastry! Hey, the words are close enough, for one, and for two I’ve been getting a lot of people writing in asking what they can do with their expensive artisan flour (which, if it’s fresh-milled, usually makes really lousy bread). Also, a particularly polite (and apparently, a little panicked) reader wrote in to ask me — pretty please — if I would.

So there you have it, there perfect marriage of timeliness and convenience. Sorry, tart lovers, but I’ll get back with you next week!

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