Frugal My Foot!

This from Sally C. on doughnut bread pudding.

I just read your post about the New York Time’s recipe for jelly doughnut bread pudding. “Penny pinching” my … mmm butt! Have you BOUGHT jelly doughnuts lately? Fourteen would cost you the better part of $20. And a DOZEN eggs fer cripe’s sake! Holy moly. That is anything BUT penny pinching!! (That being said, I actually have made bread pudding using left-over doughnuts. It’s pretty good and you can cut way back on the sugar. Heh.)

An excellent point. I think the article mentions he gets his world-class New York doughnuts (ehem) on the cheap, but even so that’s a lot of money when you add it all up (they don’t exactly give heavy cream away at the grocery store, either). This recipe could easily run you $30 in ingredients. For that you could make one heck of a dessert.

I suppose this recipe is only inexpensive when seen through the eyes of a Manhattanite used to buying pre-made desserts at boutique markets. A scratch baker could do an awful lot more with that kind of budget.

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