Find yourself a good Jersey cow…

Reader Bill chimes in with this advice on sourcing fresh farm cream:

Seek out cream from a herd of Jersey Cattle. When I was a kid our family kept a Jersey as a family cow. I can still recall the butter my would mother made from the cream. The color was a deep yellow unlike anything I’ve seen since. Taste or adaptability to baking I haven’t a clue since I was young and we ate quite plain. Sometimes in the spring the cow would get into a a patch of wild onions, the resulting milk was nasty, but the butter made from the cream was quite acceptable. Mother produced excellent baked goods, she must of had some particular knowledge because she would send me to the chicken house to get just laid eggs, I would even put my hand under a sitting hen to remove eggs from that nest. She made the most excellent Chocolate Chfffon Cake (still my favorite), the addition of freshly cracked black walnut pieces took it over the top.

Thanks a lot, Bill, now I’m hungry! As for locating those Jersey cows, Bill suggests contacting the Jersey Breed Association or a county extension agent in your area.

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