Extra Egg

I’ve received notes from several of you that the biscotti dough is too dry. And indeed that can be the case, depending on how much moisture there is in your flour (or if you’re dipping and scooping it instead of weighing it). So, I’ve added another egg to the recipe. That should fix the problem. Thanks to all you eager biscotti makers out there!

2 thoughts on “Extra Egg”

  1. Hi! I just discovered your site! I couldn’t find the biscotti ingredient amounts! I like them softer too. Do you ever put vanilla in your biscotti?

    1. Hi Cookie!

      Just go over to the menus on the left side of the blog. You’ll find biscotti under “Miscellaneous Desserts and Cookies”. Scroll to the bottom of the tutorial posts and you’ll see the recipes!


      – Joe

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