Continental Curd Emergency

My good friend Gerhard from Vienna writes in:

I’d really love to try your recipe for Lemon Curd, but… oh those ounces! We, the people of continental Europe don’t know ounces (anymore) and hereby kindly request to see also metric measurements in your posts 😉 thank you! What about cups… 5 ounces sugar would be… 3/4 cup? 3 fluid ounces lemon juice are… uhm… the juice of 5 lemons? 2 ounces softened butter… good gosh “softened”: not fluid, not solid! You see… confused European, giving up… never will experience the joy of lemon curd…cheese…honey.

That cannot be allowed to happen! So I shall once again refer all my metric-loving European readers to my “Weights of Common Ingredients” chart, over there to the right. There you should find what you need to convert any recipe.

UPDATE FROM VIENNA: Lemon Curd, here I come!

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