Coffee-Flavored Cake Syrup Recipe

This is just standard cake syrup but with a little zing. Remember that cake syrup is made by combining water and sugar 2-1 by volume and then heating it until the sugar dissolves. To make coffee cake syrup combine 1 cup of water with half a cup of sugar and add about three tablespoons of instant coffee or instant espresso powder. Bring the mixture to a simmer and…done! Cool and store in the refrigerator until needed. It’ll keep well for a week or more.

9 thoughts on “Coffee-Flavored Cake Syrup Recipe”

  1. Ive been checking out your posts and recipes for the past 3 hours, you have made some phenominal pastries and cakes and i cant wait to get home and try some of them out. This is the first time I have ever posted to someones site before, and I just want to let you know you have done an incredible job with the variety, tips, instructions and photos.

    1. Welcome and thanks so much Vivi! I’m around should you have any questions about anything. Please check back and let me know how things turn out! – Joe

  2. Hi, these are beautiful web sites and beautiful pastry pieces. I tried Opera and it doesn’t much look like yours, but the taste – everyone love it :-). Thanks and Im looking forward to another master pieces! Michaela

  3. WOW!! I just came across your website today, and I am really blown away by the amazing variety and wonderfully detailed explanations!! I am super-tempted to try the Opera Cake!! Do you have the recipe for the joconde sheets? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks in advance!! <3

    1. Hi Nadia!

      Instead of joconde you can use another sponge cake like génoise or neo-classic génoise. I have recipe for both on the site in the Pastry Components menu. Good luck with the project!

      – Joe

  4. Hi Joe

    This looks great for an idea I had, which is to make coffee ice cream with swirls of coffee-flavoured syrup in it – a bit like raspberry ripple. Do you think this would work for that purpose?

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