Coffee Buttercream Recipe

All of the buttercream recipes I have up on the site can accommodate flavorings of various kinds. Since Opera cake is a French invention, it only seems appropriate to start with a French-style buttercream. To make a coffee-flavored buttercream, prepare a mixture of two tablespoons of instant coffee or instant espresso powder dissolved in two teaspoons of boiling water. Allow it to cool, then make a recipe of French buttercream. Beat the coffee mixture into the finished buttercream along with one teaspoon of vanilla extract. This recipe will make more than enough buttercream for the opera cake I’ll be making.

5 thoughts on “Coffee Buttercream Recipe”

  1. Hi……
    I like your recipe & site..
    I worked bakery so i need your instruction.We hope you send cake & pastry recipe for helping my career.

    1. Thank you, Rajesh! There are lots of recipes on the site, take any that you need!

      – Joe

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