Bananas Foster Recipe

It’s nothing you can’t get off the Brennan’s web site, but then I try to make a one-stop shop. I generally cut this recipe in half, which is plenty for 2-3 people.

½ stick butter
1 cup brown sugar
½ teaspoon cinnamon
¼ cup banana liqueur
4 bananas, cut in half lengthwise, then halved
¼ cup dark rum
4 scoops vanilla ice cream

First and foremost, have a fire extinguisher handy. Lay out all your ingredients next to the stove and/or the hot plate or burner you’re working over. Place generous scoops of vanilla ice cream in serving bowls. Heat a broad sauté pan over medium-low heat and add the butter. When it’s melted, add the sugar and cinnamon, stirring until it all comes together as a light caramel. Add the banana liqueur, stir it in, then add the bananas (arrange them nicely if you’re doing this in front of an audience). Cook the bananas only for a minute or so, flipping them in the sauce, until they soften. Now, carefully, add the rum. You can ignite it by tipping the pan forward — away from you — toward the flame, though I prefer a match or fireplace lighter, since that gives me more control. Prepare to be surprised by how high the flames leap up. When they die down, spoon the bananas over the ice cream, followed by copious amounts of sauce. Serve immediately, preferably garnished with a tuile cookie. Serves 4-6.

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