A thousand pardons.

I usually put up some pictures and/or deliver on my recipe at the end of the week. This time I didn’t, mostly — again — because of the weather. It was great: sunny with a high over 55. And since I had a couple of free hours to burn, I decided not to spend it working. Instead, I went on a field trip to see if I could locate any of these “real” dairy products that we’ve been discussing the last few days. In the cream department, I failed. Neither the regular super-mart, Whole Foods, or any of the little health food stores around town could deliver up any cream that wasn’t high-heat or ultra-pasteurized. There probably is some lurking around out there somewhere (this is Kentucky, after all), but there’s none to be found easily. On the bright side I did turn up some tank-pasteurized buttermilk, which I didn’t expect, and some fabulous tank-pasteurized local whole milk, which I’m very familiar with. I’ll make my panna cotta this weekend and get back to you.

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