What’s that stuff you’re canning?

Got a couple of emails last night wondering what it was I was canning in the photos below. Well, it started out as apricot jam, but for some reason the fruit discolored. I can’t say I know what happened exactly, I didn’t cook it too long, the consistency was perfect…I put the right amount of lemon juice in. Honestly it can be hard to know with these things. It could have been as simple as the variety of the apricots (they were smaller and fleshier than the type I am used to working with). So how did I adapt to too-brown jam? I mixed in some cinnamon and nutmeg and called it apricot butter. It’ll be a great condiment come the holidays.

Hearing the words “apricot butter” the wife, in trademark wiseacre style, asked if it shouldn’t be added to my burgeoning line of fruit glues. Happily it wasn’t overcooked, as I said, but it did get me wondering. I already have plum gum and blue goo. Apri-snot?

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