What’s going on with the oven?

Friend and regular reader Warren checked in a couple of days ago with this note:

Hi Joe, I like the way you are formatting the site lately, the tips and hints etc side bar is really great, although I have got used to going back over the threads and getting lost in the esoterica scattered amongst it all.

How about an update on the beast in the yard? Is the roof actually on now? Has it been used more than once? Are you getting used to it’s ravenous appetite for combustible material? All these questions and more cause me sleepless nights and nervous twitches.

First of all you’re very generous calling the stuff I write “esoterica”, Warren. Most people simply call it by its proper name: bullsh*t. But thank you very much!

I’ve gotten several emails asking about the oven over the last few months, so now seems as good a time as any for an update (what with Warren’s nervous twitches and all). So far I’ve only made pizza and other flat bread in it since I haven’t had a door for it (plus I’ve been afraid to try). Recently however I cobbled a door together out of some scrap wood and sheet metal. Being mostly un-handy, it was a major engineering accomplishment. So now I have no excuse. When the weather warms up a little I plan on diving in (not literally of course) with a bit more verve. The last two times I made pizza I caught colds dashing in and out of the house. Since we already have all the infectious microbes we need coming home with the girls from day care, I temporarily gave it up.

As far as the roof is concerned, it’s still only tar paper and particle board. Not because I’m lazy (although I’m certainly that), but because a contractor friend of mine said he was going to score me some leftover copper roofing from a job he’s been working on. So that’s why I’ve been waiting…because the prospect of a shiny copper crown on the monster has me salivating all by itself. Its fuel needs are truly incredible, however Louisville has been blessed with several severe wind storms recently, so free fallen limbs are in ready supply.

Thanks for checking in!

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