Too late.

Turns out I missed Pauline’s deadline yesterday. However the critical detail there is that Pauline lives in New Zealand, so…talk about being behind the eight ball. She was on her way to work before I even got to writing up the post yesterday afternoon. But, like any intrepid baker, she carried on without the benefit of the full instructions.

I had to go ahead and make them before your post was available and i rather stupidly left out the main ingredient – cinnamon – from my filling! DUH! However, I had already added some apricot conserve and chopped walnut and some raisins (ott i guess) and they do taste great. I think the texture is wonderfully light and has a richness without being cakey sweet. I did however find the dough a little hard to roll since it was quite soft consistency..But that means I have room for improvement and excuses to keep on trying…

Indeed so. Lots of flour and the dental floss technique (that Pauline didn’t get to see) is the way to handle a flimsy dough like brioche. But didn’t I tell you about brioche’s light yet rich texture texture? There’s a little independent verification for you…from the other side of the globe no less.

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