They’ll eat anything in Portland

First it was doughnuts iced with Nyquil, now it’s waffles covered with curry sauce. A further example of the escalating convergence of savory and sweet? Or just too many crystal methamphetamine lab fumes drifting into Willamette Valley? You be the judge.

UPDATE: This on-the-scene report from Mary Sue:

I live a couple blocks from Jace Glace waffle/wine bar and did pop in
there once to see what I could see. Yeah, I don’t think it’s the ‘meth
fumes’, I think it’s pretention based out of one too many viewings of
‘Iron Chef America’. We get a lot of those. I ordered a sweet waffle
and a small coffee and they charged me $10. The waffle was soggy and
flavorless even after being doused in whipped cream and chocolate.

I’d much rather go to the Waffle Window on Hawthorne and 34th (also
just a few blocks away from my house) where I can get a much tastier
Cherries Jubilee waffle with real-not-neon-red cherries and a small
coffee for $4.50. Or I could roll all the way to North Portland for
the Waffle Shack, or down to No Fish! Go Fish! for fish-shaped
cornmeal waffles stuffed with all sorts of savory and/or sweet

Oh, and the NyQuil doughnuts are no more, thanks to the FDA. Now we
just have to settle for maple bars decorated with strips of bacon
(although I do prefer the risen doughnuts with vanilla glaze and Froot
Loops cereal).

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