The Envelope

This is a slightly different “envelope” than the one I talked about in the cheese Danish post. It isn’t my best shape, I’m baker enough to admit that. However never let it be said I didn’t show you every Danish I know how to make. Most of the time when you see these they’re filled with jam, though you can also tuck a canned apricot half inside as I’ve done above.

Roll out a pound and a half of Danish dough into a rectangle 1/4-inch thick (dimensions aren’t important). Cut the sheet into six squares. Take one and turn it slightly to one side, into a diamond.

Fold the bottom half up to make a triangle, but don’t press down or seal it.

Cut two slits in the dough, parallel to the outside edge, about two thirds of the way to the center of the dough piece…

…and unfold the dough square. Turn it so there’s a slit on either side.

Now then, fold in the sides, tucking the left-side point through the gap in the right-side point (put an apricot half in the very middle beforehand, if you wish).

Proof as with classic sweet rolls, then fill the middle (if unfilled) with jam. Paint with egg wash and bake.

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