The Cavalcade of Danishes

…is now officially over. Hope you enjoyed it. Whew, was that ever a lot of photography! Forgive me all of you who’d been waiting so long for me to update my defunkt Danish posts. Now that it’s done you can see why it took me so long…there was a lot to it! All I can say is, I hope the wait was worth it.

I have several Danish questions in the in-box, most of which have to do with buttercream…and why I don’t have a recipe up for that one component. At first I couldn’t believe the site was missing a recipe for such an elemental ingredient — but sure enough it was true. My apologies to all. I promise I’ll make some buttercream soon and put up a photo-tutorial in the how-to section. Maybe even next week. In the meantime, there are a lot of buttercream recipes out there on the web if you need one in a hurry.

As for why I added a buttercream layer to some of my Danishes (another very popular question), all I can say once again is that’s how I learned to make them. Good Danish dough, though quite rich, isn’t very sweet. A thin layer of buttercream provides the sweetness that some people might find lacking. Or at least that’s the best rationalization I can come up with. Maybe the bakers who trained me were simply butter fiends. There are worse things to be.

2 thoughts on “The Cavalcade of Danishes”

    1. Just check the Pastry Components menu, Lorraine! You’ll find all the recipes and the tutorials there.

      – Joe

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