South-of-the-Border Crema

Mexico Bob helpfully chimes in on the subject that just won’t die.

Boy, did you ever open a can of worms. Tell us oh master, what is the difference among the following 🙂

Crema Mexicana
Crema Mexicana agria
Crema acificada
Crema fresca casera
Crema para batir
Crema Centroamericana
Crema Centroamericana acida

Now, now. I never claimed to be an expert on all forms of Mexican sour cream. All I know is what the dairy fat limits are for crema fresca as a product in America. It’s kinda like talking about yogurt. Here we’ve got maybe a dozen different kinds. But go to the Asian steppes and there are literally hundreds. There are more than a few Joe Pastry readers out there who are still experiencing post-traumatic stress from the three weeks I spent on fermented dairy back in the fall of 2007, but I won’t hesitate to take my belt off right here, young mister, if you continue to provoke me. Don’t think I won’t!

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