Socked in — in Illinois

Profuse apologies for my lack of posting yesterday. However driving back from Wisconsin on Thursday (yes, I drove) I ran smack into that massive storm system that swept through the Midwest this week. I made contact right around Bloomington, Illinois, and was finally blown off the road (not literally, thank goodness) in Urbana. Happily for me my best friends from my old Chicago neighborhood now live there, and not only are they some of the most talented painters who’ve ever set brush to canvas (much of their work is even food and kitchen related), they also make the best chocolate chip cookies in the Midwest. How can a guy lose under those circumstances I ask you? They were gracious enough to put me up until midday yesterday, by which time the interstate was clear enough that I could scoop out the rental car and cruise slowly home. Glad to be back in good ol’ Louisville safe and sound.

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