Real Pastry Attitude

I’ll warn you now, as if you couldn’t have already guessed, I make rich Danishes. I can’t help it, it’s how I learned. Not only did the bakers that taught me employ that classic, buttery layered dough, they managed to work an additional layer of vanilla buttercream into almost every Danish we made (and that’s before any fruit or cheese fillings were added). Oh yes friends, these were people who made Danishes as the Danes intended.

I know there might be a few of you out there sighing and shaking your heads right now, the poor fool, he’ll be carting himself around in one of those motor-driven chairs before he knows it! To that I say remember the Joe Pastry maxim: a small amount of the real thing beats a large quantity of the fake stuff any day. One good, rich — and small — Danish is a breakfast by itself. You don’t need another one afterward, plus a doughnut, and half a muffin to be satisfied. Everything you’re after is right there in a single modest package.

So head out to your favorite specialty store, slap down some cold, hard cash on some truly great butter, and hold your head up high. Real pastry is good for you, darnit! Are you with me out there??!!

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