Pizza Pizza

I’ve been promising for a while now to revisit pizza, primarily because several readers have expressed an interest in Neapolitan-style pizza, which is a style I’ve been working on quite a bit since I got the brick oven up and running three months ago. However I’m planning to start the week talking about a topic that’s a bit closer to my heart: Chicago-style pizza. Yes, I know, I’ve already got a link up Chicago pizza over to the right. However unlike all my other “How-To” entries it has no photos, and this will give me a chance to insert them. Funny, I never used to be much into photos, but so many of you have written in to tell me how helpful they are, they’ve practically become my middle name (Joe Photos Pastry…eh, not a very good ring I don’t think). Of course a few of you folks out there have been after me for years to put up more pictures. Maybe next time I should, you know, do that thing people do when other people give them advice, listen. Yes, right. Next time for sure.

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