On to other things: Tarte Tatin

Having made a freezer-full of buttercreams this last week I have to say I’ve had enough of my mixer for a while. The good news is that I now have enough buttercream to see me through the holidays. Also, by happy coincidence, my advertiser, Foodbuzz, sent me a check for $50 yesterday, which will just about cover all the expenses. I knew I’d end up being happy I sold out.

So now I’d like to turn my attention back to the project I was intending to do before I got sidetracked by caramel and buttercream: Tarte Tatin. It’s a very simple preparation that’s perfectly suited to the fall: apples and caramel. And butter, of course, we can’t forget that. For all you laminated dough makers, this is one of those easy recipes that makes you glad you’ve got a little home-made puff pastry hanging around in the freezer. For those of you who have yet to try your hand at laminated dough, fear not. It works awfully darn well with the store-bought stuff too.

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