Kentucky Rumbler

I was little heard from on Friday, primarily because of the earthquakes that rattled this old town early that morning. Most of us in here in the Pastry household slept right through the first one. It was 4:30 or thereabouts in the morning after all. Our youngest stirred and complained, but we chalked it up to teething and rolled right over. During the second one at 11:15 we were all in the car and already being jostled around, so no stories there either. I did get about a dozen phone calls that day from concerned friends and relatives, however. There being so little damage in the Midwest generally, CNN seized on the one brick wall that fell down in the east end of town to paint a portrait of Louisville as a disaster area. Thus I spent the greater part of the day on the phone, allaying fears and catching up with friends and family. Not a half-bad way to spend a Friday really.

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