It’s Oaks day…and I’m outta here.

It’s 70, the sun is out, the flowers are in bloom and the mint juleps are pouring. Oh, and the horses are running, that too. Today is Oaks day, that being the day of the all-fillies “Oaks” race over at Churchill Downs. Oaks day was once upon a time ladies’ day at the track, however over the last thirty or so years it’s evolved into locals’ day. The Kentucky Derby has become such a mad house, all but the very cream of Louisville society (who can afford the top boxes and the limo’s) leave it to the out-of-towners. The Oaks, however, is the race that Louisvillians can still call their own, so if you’ve ever in town and want to show you’re in-the-know, ask whomever you’re talking to if they went to the Oaks this year. You’ll have instant street cred.

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