It didn’t have to be this way…

…rushing to get my rolled fondant cake finished and decorated before dinner guests arrived last week. In fact one of the main virtues of rolled fondant is that it acts like tupperware, preventing a cake from drying out for up to a week. Indeed this is another reason for its popularity among professional cake makers, since fondant cakes can be built well ahead of time, then stashed in a walk-in where they’ll wait patiently to be decorated. This cling wrap-like quality is in fact the reason fondants, icings and glazes were invented to begin with. Not necessarily to eat (though that’s a very happy side benefit), but to keep cakes from drying out or molding in the days before Frigidaires and GLAD bags.

It’s a feature I sadly neglected to take advantage of, but should have. My cake would have turned out quite a bit better.

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