If he looks like a duck and he sounds like a duck…

…he’s probably a quack. That at least is my view of Dr. William Hay, the man who invented the so-called “Hay Diet”, modern versions of which are lumped under the collective name of nutripathy. I bring this up in answer to a question I received over the weekend as to whether the list of acid foods I put down last week had anything to do with the er…art. In fact no. The foods on that list actually contain acid. Nutripathy designates foods as either “alkaline” or “acidic” according to the effects they have on the pH of the eater’s urine. Exactly what implications that has for a person’s health I can scarcely image (nor can medical researchers who have dismissed nutripathy as utter nonsense). Still, if you’re curious you can find out more about it here.

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