Hello New Metro?

An anonymous email came in late last evening from someone claiming to be a representative of New Metro, manufacturer of the BeaterBlade, a product I expressed skepticism about in the below post, Scrape-O-Matic. I couldn’t tell anything about the sender because the email originated from a commercial ISP (Time Warner), apparently from a server in San Diego. It went like so:

You mention in your blog that the scraper misses the bottom, but in fact it does scrape the dimple. There is no flour left in the bowl after using our product. Also, why don’t you ‘dig’ plastic? It’s lightweight, costs less than metal and is extremely strong. What the product offers is success…no matter your skill level…that all the ingredients will be mixed properly. We hope you get to try it one day to see its advantages.

That’s good solid PR writing, so my guess is it’s genuine (maybe a freelance publicist working from home?). If the scraper does scrape the dimple of the bowl out completely then I certainly stand corrected. To answer the question, the reason I don’t trust plastic for a mixer implement is that it simply isn’t as strong as metal. It would be more likely to snap off during use if a) the mixer motor was strong and b) the contents of the bowl put up much resistance.

If the BeaterBlade does everything New Metro claims it does than I’m sure it would be excellent for light duty jobs like small batches of cake or tea bread batter. I suppose I’m a born skeptic, but as this fellow/gal insinuated…I should try it before I criticize it.

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