Chicks Dig Pastry Bloggers

This highly complimentary note came in over the weekend, from reader Lynette:

I just had to write in and tell you how much I Iove your site, Joe. The recipes and the photographs are fantastic. Also do you know you have very elegant and sexy hands?

Why thank you, Lynette. Very nice of you to say! I suppose I get my hands from my mother, who — believe it or not — was a part-time hand model for Sarah Lee in the 60’s. Her hands were on those frozen coffee cake packages they used to do…the foil tins with the cardboard round on the top. Remember those?

I remember in high school my twin sister thought that she might follow in her footsteps, and pursue a life of luxury as the Christie Brinkley of tabletop photography. It was not to be, however, and today she is a banker (albeit one with very attractive hands). I hadn’t thought about that particular facet of Pastry family history for quite some time, so thanks for the compliment!

Oh, and here’s one more picture of my hands, which Mrs. Pastry asked me to put up as a point of clarification:

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