Bun for one.

Got a comment over the weekend that while the cinnamon rolls and sticky buns I made look inviting, they are rather small — not at all what people are used to these days, either here in the states or in places like Sweden where the truly giant bun is said to have been invented. To that I say it’s simply the way I make’em. You, however, may prepare them any way you wish. There are no practical limits on the size of the buns this recipe is capable of making. So if you want them larger, simply roll the dough sheet to a narrower width, which will produce a thicker roll. You’ll likely need to proof and bake them in a somewhat smaller pan to keep them from spreading out, and in a slightly cooler oven to prevent the outsides from burning. That’s all there is to it.

My thought, however is that the smaller bun is the way to go. As I’ve been discussing all week, brioche dough is rich, and that means a filling roll, even if it’s only a couple of inches across. As I’ve written before — rather extensively, in fact — small portions of high quality foodstuffs are far more satisfying than large portions of low quality ones. Try making a cinnamon roll or sticky bun yourself instead of buying one from some chain outfit, and I think you’ll see what I mean.

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