Brick oven update

I’ve been getting a steady stream of inquires on the brick oven, like…when are you going to get off your butt and do more baking in that thing? The trouble is I have a fuel issue…i.e., I don’t have enough. Being so focused on building the thing it didn’t occur to me how much darn fuel an oven of this size would consume. A lot, and procuring the right fuel isn’t as easy as it would seem. True it can be any sort of wood, hard or soft, but it has to be seasoned so it’ll burn to begin with, then it has to be the right size. Two weeks ago I had a half cord delivered but it’s a.) green and b.) made up of huge pieces. So now I’m looking at getting a log splitter. This is a side to the whole brick oven zeitgeist that I never considered until, whaddya know, I had a brick oven. Fuel management is as involved as the baking itself! At the moment I’m trying to figure out how to get still more wood, split it, find a place to put it, and age it — while not running out of the short supply I still have.

Oh poor, poor put-upon me.

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