Back to Work

Well it’s the Monday after New Year’s, which means even the most committed couch potatoes among us have to admit that it’s time to hoist our holiday girth out of the La-Z-Boy and get back to work. It’s been fun, but then I’ve watched little Josephine’s new DVD, Dumbo, entirely too many times. She can’t get enough of it, but to me it’s practically torture. A wonderful movie, don’t get me wrong, but if you can sit through the scene of Dumbo outside his mother’s prison trailer without getting tears in your eyes, I put it to you that you have a heart of stone, and are probably in need of some sort of counseling.

But anyway, now that the last dregs of the Christmas cookies and cakes are all but gone, I wanted nominate my personal entry for Christmas Cookie of the Year (an award I hope to formalize perhaps next year). It was a decadent white chocolate/peanut butter/Captain Crunch agglomeration that for sheer novelty alone stole the holiday show. Many thanks to all who participated (to my expanded waistline).

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