A little sanity in the mix?

Lost of interesting stuff in the news lately, some of it even sane. On the one hand we have some point-counterpoint from the Los Angeles Times on the subject of local foods. Though it’s not really point-counterpoint since both authors claim to be big local foods supporters, one argues that locally-produced foods offer no concrete health benefits while the other argues they offer no concrete environmental benefits. If both of these guys are “pro” local foods, I wonder what the “con” side of the argument looks like?

Next there’s this article from Newsday pointing out that corn ethanol has adversely impacted the global food supply. Nice that they’ve noticed a correlation, though the writer goes on to parrot every trope about “industrialized agriculture” currently in existence. His proposed solution to the global food crisis: more local and organic farming. Perhaps he and the two folks from the Times piece should get together and compare notes.

Lastly this piece, again from the Los Angeles Times, talking about the return of high-carbohydrate foods. How on Earth can they be back? Well it seems carbohydrate-rich foods offer heretofore undiscovered health benefits. Which is good, though I certainly hope they’ve taken out whatever it was that was killing me last year.

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