“What’s Hot and What’s Not” Not so Hot

The National Restaurant Association just released it’s second annual “What’s Hot and What’s Not” chef survey, and I can’t say there’s much that’s very enlightening there. Like the similarly titled items you see popping up in men’s and women’s fashion magazines, its only real use is for double-checking whether or not something you still think is cool is actually passé. Shoot I only just bought those sneakers!!! ‘Cause let’s face it, if you aren’t aware that bite-sized desserts and craft beers are hip, it’s probably time you took that sales job your dairy purveyor has been offering you. The one bit that I did find interesting (and true) was the point about the speed with which new foods trends are coming and going these days. Given that, the NRA might want to consider make this a more frequent affair. Biannual or even quarterly market surveys would not only be more interesting, they’d be a lot more useful.

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