We Have Ignition.

You’ve probably noticed I haven’t baked much the last ten days or so. That’s because my time has been occupied by light contruction. The roof went on over the weekend, and while I still have to add shingles (I’m thinking slate) and paint the trim, I’ve finally, at long last, reached the point of operability. A state that is quite distinct, I must emphasize, from being operational. Just getting a fire going in there was a challenge for me on Saturday afternoon, and what I managed to create was by no means a major conflagration. It’s going to take at least a dozen or so tries before my fire tending skills are even passable. No, it’s becoming quite obvious that building this beast was only the first half of a very long and arduous project — since now I have to tame it! I mean look at my kitchen tools hanging up on the side there — not one of them is under three feet long! Part of me is wondering what the heck I’ve gotten myself into. But there’s no going back now, the thing weighs about six tons. It ain’t goin’ noplace. Time to man up and buy a big ol’ box of matches.

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