The World’s Most Dangerous Baker

Somebody out there doesn’t like me much. That fact was demonstrated plainly late Friday evening, when whoever-it-was launched a spam attack on the site, causing a server shutdown that took me (or really my tech hero Dave) the weekend to work out. I can’t imagine the mentality of someone who would want to torpedo a guy for having opinions about finger cakes, but then there’s no telling what’s going to get under the skin of a 30-year-old computer science correspondence student living in his mother’s basement in Peoria. Here’s hoping whoever-he-is went to bed pleased with himself Friday night, snuggled up under the covers of his Darth Vader theme bed, switched on the director’s cut of Eragon, and told his inflatable girlfriend all about it.

So, what does it mean moving ahead? Well the upshot of this pointless exercise is very little. I’m obviously still blogging, though I’ve been forced to take my comment fields and email contact buttons down, since those were the entry points of the attack. I’m sad to say they probably won’t be coming back up (unless I decide to switch my host back over to a or account, which would give me better security, though I’d have to figure out how to move all the content over). From now until the foreseeable future, to contact me you’ll need to send an email to joe at I’ll drop any comments into regular posts as they come in. As you probably noticed, I’m not a blogger who gets many comments to begin with. Still, I’ll miss the ease and transparency of the feature when people do decide to chime in. My tech aids and I will do the best we can to figure it out.

Today will be spent working out a few more details, so there won’t be much activity. To my anonymous friend out there I can only say congratulations, warrior! You have bested me at cyber combat, and temporarily killed the world’s most dangerous pastry blog. Qapla’!

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