The Pastry Family Cookie Decorating Party

…was a success! Lots of solid entrants this year, including an office-casual Santa in a green sweater, a number of fine snowmen, avante-garde ornaments and a virtual forest of decked-out trees (notice also my little gingerbread baker on the bottom right in full kitchen attire). They’ll be tough to give away, especially if little Josephine has anything to say about it (being 3, she’s much more into receiving). As you can see we employed a variety of media, none of which will pass muster at any self-respecting pastry school. Everything from those little gel pens (for adults only since they contain serious food colorants) to the Cheeze-Wiz like frosting containers that extrude perfect icing at a very manageable rate. I’d never seen them before, but for kids ya just can’t beat’em. A good time was had by all!

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