Tan, Rested and Ready

Well it’s been a relaxing ten days, minor disciplinary episodes aside, but that’s just living with a three-year-old. Now it’s back to work! There’s another Pastry headed to day care in a week and I need to get earning. I also need to get baking. But before I do, I feel the need to address some rather irresponsible things I’ve seen written in the blogosphere these past few months — about one of my all-time favorite grains: corn. Corn has become the foodie villain-du-jour recently, and it all can be traced back to a book that came out about a year ago: Michael Pollan’s best-selling Omnivore’s Dilemma. It’s a book that I very much enjoyed, though I disagreed with most of its premises and nearly all of its conclusions. In it Pollan demonizes corn and large-scale corn production. Or at least that’s what he seems to think he’s doing…actually he doesn’t, for as I will show you in the course of the week, most of his arguments are based on a combination of willful ignorance and misleading information. There’s nothing wrong with corn that isn’t wrong with any other food crop that’s grown in the world, conventional, GMO or organic. But then when you write books for a living you need to say sensational things, and Pollan seems to have appointed himself this century’s Upton Sinclair (a poor role model in my view, since it’s been revealed in recent years that Sinclair made up almost everything he wrote).

Why spend the week coming to the defense of corn? Well because nobody else will. Informed people have a way of dismissing sensational writing because they think that nobody in their right mind would ever believe such nonsense. I however take a somewhat dimmer view of the reading public. Silly ideas that aren’t rebutted have a way of becoming popular fact. And I simply won’t have that where corn is concerned. It means too much to me. And anyway it’s corn season. Time to put the hammer down. I’m back and in a fightin’ mood!

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