Sweet Simplicity

It’s hard to beat the simple elegance of fresh frozen fruit (plus sugar). The mangoes that the wife found for this sorbet were flawless, perfect. And she knows mangoes. She spent two years of her life in the Peace Corps in New Jersey. No wait that’s not right, it was the Dominican Republic. But the mangoes were every bit as good she says, especially when they were right off the tree, succulently sweet and perfumy.

These, she said, rivaled what she had in the DR. So where did this spectacular fruit come from? Whole Foods? A specialty distributor? The suitcase of a Dominican fruit smuggler? Nope, Kroger. And why not? The turnover there is a whole lot better than any of the high-end specialty shops in the area, where it might take them a week or more to move one of their $5 mangoes. Kroger has’em for 88 cents and brings them in eight times a month. No contest.

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