Speaking of Mixing…

I do enjoy my Viking mixer, though it has some notable flaws. Oh it’s got a big 7-quart bowl and it bristles with muscle, perfect for big batches of bread dough. But it doesn’t do small quantities so well. In fact the implements don’t come within half an inch of the bottom of the bowl. Drop a couple of egg whites in there, turn the brute on, and the most agitation they’ll experience is a light breeze from above. It’s not a big deal where the whisk is concerned…you just squeeze a few of the loops until the wire touches bottom. The paddle is an entirely different story. That sucker will not be bent, which means if I wish to beat a small quantity of something I have to unlatch the bowl, raise it up to meet the paddle, and let the whole thing bong around in my hands until the desired consistency is reached. I’ve done weirder things to get the job done in kitchens, but still, it seems to me that if you shell out upwards of $500 for a mixer, you shouldn’t have to do that sort of thing, yes?

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