Sinkers and Floaters

This is invaluable information for any creative JELL-O-er. The general rule of thumb is that pretty much any fresh fruit, save for a seedless grape, will float. Canned fruit packed in syrup – especially heavy syrup — will sink. Thus the rationale for making most ring-mold-type JELL-O masterpieces with canned fruit. A variety of interesting effects can of course by achieved by combining the two.


The French Tart replies:

My dad always made us jell-o when we were kids. His trick to not have too many floaters was to mostly chill the jell-o then add fruit, then chill it all the way. Some fruit would sink, some fruit would sit in the middle. He wasnt a big fan of the floaters.

I havent had jell-o in I don’t know how many years. Well, except for those times in college where we’d make jell-o shooters. But I don’t know if that counts. Does that count?

Yet, FT, it counts.

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